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The Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus (MAELC) is a database of video of classroom interaction and associated written materials collected as part of the Lab School research project since 2001. At this time, the corpus includes materials from four years of classes from adult ESL classes from beginning to upper-intermediate proficiency - more than 3600 hours of classroom interaction recorded by six cameras and multiple microphones.

Highlights from the corpus:
  • Half of the recorded classes have been coded for Participation Pattern and Activity and portions of these classes have been transcribed, targeting student language during Pair Work.
  • Nearly 150 hours of student language have been transcribed thus far.
  • About 250 low-level students - with known background characteristics - are transcribed in the corpus.
  • Classroom talk from given students not transcribed is easily located and may be transcribed.
  • Copies of classroom written materials, student work, teacher logs and teacher reflections have been scanned and are also available.
  • Many students were recorded several times per term and often in consecutive terms in different levels.
  • Video and associated written materials are currently being collected from university-level Intensive English Language Program classes.
As the highlights show, MAELC is rich source of data for several areas of research. The longitudinal nature of the study with supporting written documents and in-home interviews enables in-depth case studies of adult learners of English. The recording techniques in the classroom (6 cameras and wireless microphones on two students in every classroom) and data collection also allow for close examinations of dyadic and small-group interactions. Examinations of dyadic interaction can focus on interactions between students from different first language backgrounds as well as on developmental studies of individual students who are recorded throughout several terms of study.
As discussed in Reder, Harris, & Setzler, 2003, the Lab School would like to share the extensive resources from MAELC with interested researchers and teacher trainers. Those interested should make inquiries to the Lab School by e-mail:



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