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Introduction to the Lab School  

The Lab School is a national state-of-the-art research center engaged in classroom-based research and professional development focusing on English as a Second Language. 

The Lab School was designed to strengthen programs serving adult ESOL learners across the country through systematic research and experimentation within the context of an existing ESL program. Since 2005, the Lab School has recorded courses from Portland State's Intensive English Language Program and Russian Language Flagship Program.


The Lab School is modeled after the "lab schools" found in K-12 education, in which an elementary or secondary school operates in partnership with a nearby university engaged in teacher preparation and educational research. Such lab schools serve as settings where high quality education, teacher preparation, educational research and program innovation and development take place.

The Lab School at Portland State University (PSU) has established a setting where university-based researchers, teacher trainers and service providers cooperate to conduct applied research.



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