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Professional Development  

Professional development at the Lab School focuses on projects that connect research with classroom practice and policy.


Clockwise from left: Dominique Brillanceau, Anna Becker, Evelyn Delgado, Reuel Kurzet, Sharon Hennessy


  1. Supporting reflective, evidence-based practice
    To help ESOL practitioners gain an understanding of how to develop reflective, evidence-based practice to improve student learning outcomes.

  2. Using the Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus (MAELC)
    To help ESOL practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers by providing the rich,audio-video corpus evidence collected by the Lab School on low-level adult ESOL.

  3. Connecting Practitioners, Policy-makers, and Researchers (CPPR)
    To connect ESOL practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers by providing models of interaction and feedback loops, so that each group can enhance the work of the others,as all work toward continuous improvement in the field of adult ESOL.

  4. Disseminating research results
    To disseminate research findings of the Lab School through traditional and new formats: print and we-based media, conference presentations, and workshops.

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