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Directions for the Future  

The PSU Adult ESOL Lab School is now planning for an exciting future direction that will begin to connect the four Lab School professional development goals of 1) supporting reflective, evidence-based practice , 2) using the MAELC with practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers, 3) connecting practitioners, policy-makers and researchers so that each can inform the work of the others, and 4) disseminating research results.
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The project calls for joint training of practitioners together with state professional developers on the use of the MAELC for professional development. The specific goal is to help practitioners better understand and use research emerging from the Lab School and to begin to have a voice in providing feedback on that research. By bringing in state professional developers, who are sometimes also the state directors or have close communications with them, an informal connection is developed to inform state policy about the needs of adult ESOL practitioners and the potential role of Lab School research in improving practice and policy. In addition, state professional developers will be able to provide input to Lab School research and to practitioners in their state about important policy issues.
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