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L1 influence in the development of question intonation (John Hellermann, Christie Crosby)
Intonation is an often overlooked aspect of the acquisition of spoken language. In this project, researchers are isolating question types in different genres of classroom discourse (teacher-supported task interaction and conversational interaction) in a series of longitudinal case studies (L1 Russian, L1 Mandarin, and L1 Spanish) to understand L1 influence in intonation patterns for questions.

The use of video-based observation for pre-service teacher training (Kathryn Harris)
Real-time observation of classrooms is often difficult for pre-service teachers because they find themselves looking analytically at a classroom for, perhaps, the first time. Video-based observation has an advantage of allowing pre-service teachers to view parts of class sessions multiple times. This project is being developed to understand to what degree video-based observation helps pre-service teachers become more keen observers of different aspects of classroom interaction including student-student, teacher-student, and teacher-cohort interactions.  

The development of forms of expression of motion events (Peiwen Li)
Using a usage-based theoretical framework, this research is describing what verb complexes are used by beginning learners of English to express motions events. The research is longitudinal in design and is tracing developmental patterns in the acquisition of motion events by L1 Spanish and L1 Mandarin learners.




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