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Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus  
The Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus (MAELC) is a collection of audio/video recordings, classroom codes, transcripts, teacher reflections and student work samples from the ongoing low-level ESL classes at the Adult ESOL Lab School. All of the materials are in a digital format, allowing for easy search and retrieval. The corpus is intended to be used for research in second language acquisition and pedagogy as well as for professional development purposes.
Each term we record four classes each for 6 hours per week, 10 weeks per term (8 weeks in summer term). Each class is recorded with six cameras and seven microphones. In each classroom, four of the cameras show fixed perspectives of the whole class and two cameras are remotely controlled to focus on and follow the language and activities of selected wearing radio microphones on a given day (the microphones rotate among students in a class day by day). Classroom activity coding and transcription work has continued and kept up with the recording, with half of the classes coded and portions of the coded classes transcribed. All recordings, including those from classes that are not coded and transcribed, are available online for viewing and analysis (and further coding and transcription if desired). Teacher reflections are audio-recorded after each class, and materials used in the classroom are scanned into digital images. Data are also entered from teacher logs providing an outline of the days' activities and other significant details about the classes.
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