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Research Assistants  
Lab School research assistants provide invaluable support in the areas of technology, data capture and data processing. The teams included: technology, coding and transcribing and recording.
The Technology Team
The members of the Technology Software Development Team use their programming expertise in working with the Lab School team to develop and maintain the databases, the coding and transcription software, and other tools necessary for the Lab School and other projects.
The Recording Team
The recording team is responsible for the daily capture of classroom video data at the Lab School. They manipulate the remotely-controlled classroom cameras and monitor the sound from the personal and ambient microphones. They also coordinate the collection of written materials from the classes.
The Coding and Transcribing Team
From 2001-2005, members of the Coding and Transcription Team (graduate students in the MA TESOL program in the department of Applied Linguistics at PSU coded and transcribed selected class video files using the systems they helped develop. The coding and transcribing allows the Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus to be searchable.
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