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Research Methods  
Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus (MAELC)
Digital audio and video recording of all the ESOL classes in the Lab School makes it possible to conduct in-depth classroom research on second language acquisition and pedagogy. Along with the accompanying transcriptions and classroom coding, the digital recordings will be available for corpus analysis for many years. Material drawn from these annotated classroom recordings has been used in the creation of professional development materials.
Labsite Student Study
The progress of ESOL students was followed for up to four years regardless of whether or not they stay in the Lab School classes. Students were interviewed in their homes in their native languages and in English as their proficiency allows. Interviewers conduct periodic oral and written language assessments. The Labsite Student Study will be able to describe individual long-term learning outcomes.
Educational Experiment
Students at each ESOL level were assigned to one of two classes offered at the same time and at the same location. This random assignment allowed for comparison of experimental and control groups/classrooms. In this way, research in the Lab School demonstrated the relative effectiveness of different instructional approaches and curricula.


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