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Strands of Research at the Lab School  
Classroom Practices
There are many practices that are believed to be particularly useful in ESOL classrooms, but whose effectiveness has not been empirically demonstrated. Many of these are being investigated in the Lab School. The areas of particular interest are: techniques that facilitate various kinds of student interaction; activities that facilitate literacy development; and the learning gains associated with various types of reading instruction.
Second Language Acquisition
There have been many calls for longitudinal research in second language acquisition. The Lab School provides an opportunity to conduct such research. Among the areas for research are: 1) the relationship between first language education and second language acquisition; 2) the role of student interaction in language development; 3) and the development of learners' language over time.
ESL Program Persistence
Typical research in adult education programs involves only those adults who are able to persist in their studies. Missing is the study of those adults who are not able to persist. The Lab School research will be able to address the issues involved in ESL program retention including: the reasons that some students persist while others do not; aspects of ESL programs that promote retention; life events that influence attendance; and life events that promote second language acquisition.
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